Level 1

In this class you will learn the absolute basics of Argentine tango that will prepare you to step onto the dance floor and to progress to the next level of classes.

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Level 2

In this class you will learn and refine the steps that make up the fundamental structure of Argentine tango, along with basic variations.

In this class you will learn variations on the basic structure and delve more deeply into the theme of the month. You will be provided with the tools and support to find your own variations and improve your lead-follow connection and technique.

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Level 3

In this class you will focus on the theme of the month and learn more intricate and technically complex variations in accordance with the theme. You will be encouraged to strengthen your improvisational abilities and develop your technique and personal style.

In this class you will explore structure, technique, style, connection, musicality, variation, and improvisation. You will explore the technical aspects of the dance while being exposed to a variety of styles and techniques.

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