Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer to your question feel free to give us a call 212-633-6445.
Monthly Package Policies
All  hours of your group class package must be taken within the 4 week semester in which you are registered.

Important: 4-week semesters do NOT always coincide with the calendar month. Look for the starting dates of each 4-week term on our website and on the big board in the studio.

NO rollover classes to the next month.

Unlimited Packages do not include any workshop taught by a guest instructor or Gap Week/Special Workshops.


Triangulo reserves right to substitute instructor and/or cancel class without prior notification. We require at least 4 students in attendance to run a class or workshop.

No Refunds, exchanges or transfers. Packages cannot be shared.

Studio Policies
It is recommended that you sign up for classes as close to the beginning of the month as possible as the classes are designed to progress over the course of each four-week cycle. This is particularly important for the beginner classes. It is possible, however, to take each class on a drop-in basis with instructor permission.

You can only drop in for the beginner classes the first two weeks of our Calendar Month.

All hours of your group classes must be taken within the 4 week semester in which you are registered.

Important: 4-week semesters do NOT always coincide with the calendar month. Look for the starting dates of each 4-week term on our website and on the big board in the studio.

NO rollover classes to the next month.

Triangulo reserves right to substitute instructor and/or cancel class without prior notification. We require at least 4 students in attendance to run a class or workshop.

No refunds, exchanges or transfers. Packages cannot be shared.

Ok, so you are “the only dance studio in New York City dedicated exclusively to Argentine tango. What does that mean?
It means our teachers have devoted themselves exclusively to the study of Argentine tango and are able to focus solely on the most effective ways to share this knowledge and passion with their students.
It means our students have no shortage of classes to take, whatever their level and availability may be.
It means we are able to offer a practica or milonga almost every day of the week.
It means students are welcome to hang out before and after their classes to get a glimpse of what comes next.
In short, it means we’re committed to fostering a dynamic and supportive community of Argentine tango dancers.
I have two left feet. I could never learn Argentine tango…could I?
As most students will hear on the first day of class, “if you can walk, you can tango;” and indeed, walking is the first thing you learn in a beginner Argentine tango class. From the walk, as you progress and learn more technique and steps, the dance naturally becomes both more challenging and more engrossing. The great thing about the design of our classes, is that you go at your own pace, and there are opportunities for you to practice outside of class and seek extra help from our instructors. Eventually, whether on month two or month four, you may notice your two left feet transforming into a left and a right foot. The transformation continues as your balance improves, your movements become smoother, and your poise becomes the envy of your friends.
Should I take private lessons or group classes?
There are many reasons why people take private lessons:

  • You want to fast-track your dancing and know that the individual attention that a private lesson provides is a great way to do so. Of course adding practice time to cement the technique and moves you learn in the lessons is as critical to improving your dancing as the lessons are.
  • You have a busy schedule and find it difficult to keep to a regular schedule of group classes, despite the flexible make-up policy.
  • You want to brush up your tango after taking some time off from classes or dancing altogether.
  • You want to get that one move (colgada, sacada, gancho, etc.) you weren’t quite getting in class or that you saw on that youtube video one time…
  • You want to fine-tune your dancing and know that a private lesson is an effective way to work out the kinks and focus on the details to get to the next level of dancing.

And there are many benefits to group classes as well:

  • You meet and get to know other dancers of a similar level
  • The group class schedule is convenient after work
  • You gain the experience of dancing with a variety of people

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what your goals are in learning Argentine tango and whether private lessons, group classes, or some combination of the two are best for you.

How do your group classes work?
Each class type is organized into a series of four progressive classes. The first of the series always begins the first week of the month, and each month has a different theme– such as volcadas, ganchos, boleos, sacadas, alterations, etc.– guaranteeing that no two series are the same from month to month. You are welcome to take the full month of classes or drop-in to any class in the cycle (except at the beginner level, where it is necessary to take the whole series from week one), however, because the classes are designed to build on each other, the most benefit can be gained from taking the full four-week series in order.
How do I sign up for classes?
Go to the home page. Click “register now,” and you will be brought to the list of classes. Find the class you would like to take– such as “Monday: Beginner” and click “sign up now” underneath the description. If you already have an account, you will be asked to sign in. If not, you will be quickly guided through the creation of an account and enrolled in your chosen class. You will be asked to enroll as a “leader” or “follower.” You may choose whichever you prefer, although traditionally men begin learning the part of “leader” and women begin learning the part of “follower.” We are also happy to help you sign up at the studio, in which case we ask you to please arrive 15 minutes before the start of class on the first day.
Oops, I forgot to sign up! Can I still come to class?
Yes, but please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of class so that we can register you. If possible, do sign up in advance online, as this allows us to ensure there is a proper balance of leads and follows in each class
What is your make-up policy?
If you have registered for the month, you may make up any classes you missed before the end of the month. Make-up classes must be taken at the same level as the classes for which you are registered. For example, if you are taking the Monday beginner class but cannot make it one week (or registered in the second week of classes), you may take a Wednesday or Saturday beginner class the following week– or any time before the end of the calendar month to make-up the class.
What is your late policy?
Please be on time. Classes start promptly at the scheduled time, and while you are permitted to sign in after the class has begun, there is no way to make up the lost time.
How many people are in your group classes?
Our group classes range from a minimum of 4 students to a maximum of 30. Regardless of the number of students, however, there is an emphasis in every class on individual attention; the instructors encourage questions and take the time to observe the practice and exercises to give constructive comments and corrections as necessary. The only exception to this is the free monthly beginners’ workshop we offer, which does not have a cap on enrollment.
What should I wear to class?
Wear whatever you are comfortable moving in. The studio often gets warm (especially once you start dancing), so you may want to wear layers.
I want to get good! How can I get good?
Good question! Like anything else, learning Argentine tango takes time. However, think of it like a language: if you want to accelerate your learning, you need to immerse yourself in it! Classes are a good place to begin, but go out and practice, and go out dancing! If you’re taking a few classes a week (or don‘t have time to) and practicing and that’s still not enough, you may want to throw a few private lessons in there too.
Where can I practice?
You can practice at the Practica at Triangulo on Wednesday nights. It is a relaxed and inviting space where you will meet other dancers focused on working on their tango. If you want a more private space to practice, some students choose to rent studio space when it is not being used for classes or other events. Please call, email, or inquire at Triangulo if you are interested in renting the space.
What is a milonga?
A milonga is an Argentine tango dance party where people get together to dance, socialize, and have fun. You do not need to go with a partner.
There are certain social codes, or codigos, that people follow at milongas. These are somewhat relaxed in New York City, but one can observe them at milongas around the world.

Triangulo hosts five milongas per week (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), and for a comprehensive list of milongas in New York City go to Richard Lipkin’s tango calendar.

What is a practica?
A practica, similar to a milonga, is a place where people dance tango and socialize, however there is one key difference: it is a space for people– as the name suggests– to practice their tango and perfect steps they’ve been working on or focus on technique. It is okay to stop in the middle of the floor to try something again, ask questions, or seek feedback from your partner.

Triangulo hosts a beginner-friendly practica every Wednesday night. For a complete list of practicas in New York City, go to Richard Lipkin’s practica schedule.