Our Mission

TriANGulO was founded by CARINA MOELLER. It offers a variety of group classes at a range of levels. This ensures that whatever your background may be—whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced tanguero/a, we offer classes that will strengthen your foundation, enrich your technique, and enhance your repertoire of steps.

Our highly qualified instructors strive to create a fun, challenging, and supportive environment in every class.


So—you think you can’t dance? Well, we’d like to show you that you absolutely can.

We are a boutique studio offering private classes and small groups in an intimate setting.

All you need is your curiosity and willingness to start, and after just a few steps (and a few missteps), we’re certain that you’ll be captivated by the beguiling Argentine tango!

It’s said that dancing the tango is like having a warm conversation with a close friend. Not quite what you’d expect from the Argentine tango, with its steamy reputation for passion and drama. Another facet of this intriguing dance that you may find surprising is that the tango, when danced socially, is entirely improvisational—but to create this impromptu dance, one must first learn the fundamentals. The tango is based on a foundation of walking, turning, stopping, embellishing, musicality, and most importantly, the essential embrace.

Still a little hesitant about putting your right foot in? Tango is an equal opportunity social dance. It attracts people of all ages, sizes, genders and nationalities. Anyone can learn, even without previous dance experience.

But be forewarned: once bitten by the tango bug, be prepared for your life to transform. Tango will become the stuff of your daydreams. It will slowly creep into your thoughts and alter your posture, your musical tastes, your wardrobe and even your train schedule. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself practicing forward ochos on the subway platform or checking flights to Buenos Aires.


New York has a vibrant and colorful tango social scene. With your newfound dance skills, you’ll be out dancing every night of the week and wondering what on earth you used to do on a weeknight. Thought you had all the dear friends you’ll ever need? When you join our warm, convivial Triangulo family, you’ll have to make room for some more.

Don’t have a partner? Don’t worry we’ve got them. Never danced a social dance before? The tango begins with walking. Got two left feet? We can work with that.

If you have tango shoes, by all means wear them. Though for your very first classes, leather-soled shoes will do just fine.

So, are you ready to begin?

You you can try out any one of our beginner classes for just $20 within the first two weeks of each month, and since we suspect you’ll be hooked, you can apply it to your first beginner package. Check out our schedule here.

They say that it takes two to tango, but it begins with one: YOU!

We can’t wait to meet you, and dance with you.