Carina Moeller


Carina created her own company “TriANGulO” over 20 years ago in NYC.

Carina Moeller as a woman Entrepreneur and sole creator of her company TriANGulO was mentioned in Voque, New York times , National Herald Tribune and several other Newspapers and tv show including being featured on the Isaak Misrahi show, Martha Steward and The Today show and taught among several others, Molly Shannon, Willem Dafoe, Matt Lauer. She has performed all over the world.

Carina is an accomplished classically trained dancer who studied modern dance, ballet, tap, and jazz at the Stage School of Dance and Drama, the G. Baudach Ballet Institute and the Ellys Dance School in Germany. She graduated with honors in modern dance from DANCEWORKS Berlin and earned her theater degree from the Michael Tschechow Studio Berlin. After dancing professionally and performing with modern and theater dance groups all over the world, in 1995 Carina moved to New York City and danced with the Doris Humphrey Repertory Company. Besides teaching and performing Argentine Tango for over 20 years She has a certification in Floor Barre(R) and the GYROTONIC® METHOD

She is knows for “creating the best dancers” in town.

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Dante Polichetti


Dante Polichetti discovered the Argentine tango in 2002 and instantly fell in love with its beauty, movement and sensibility. After some years of study and student performances, Dante joined the New Generation Dance Co. and appeared alongside such esteemed artists as Carlos Copello, Guillermina Quiroga, Natalia Hills and Gabriel Misse in “El Rey del Tango,” and “Volver al Sur.” Teaching in NYC since 2007, Dante is more than pleased to join Triangulo’s staff and share in the unique and vibrant community that the studio offers.

Lee Chan


Lee Chan is a passionate tango dancer who enjoys all aspects of tango. Lee believes that tango is for everyone and anybody can find joy in dancing tango. He has traveled to Buenos Aires to learn from the best teachers there and also to many festivals around the world to learn from other great tango masters. Lee enjoys helping beginners to take their first steps in tango and as well as helping experienced dancers to further their abilities.

Maximilian Rubell


Maximilian Rubell is a professional music composer for advertising and film, a student of the chromatic Bandoneon (tango concertina instrument), and has been dancing Argentine Tango for 8 years.  He started learning Tango from Carina at TriANGulO in 2011, in order to better understand the music of composer Astor Piazzolla and apply such concepts to his own composing. But he quickly fell in love with Tango in its own right, and has since been a dedicated and active member of the NY Tango community. He strives to infuse his own Tango with dynamic musicality, meditative concepts, and understanding of the emotional-body connection.



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