Intermediate Tango Class

SUNDAYS, 3:00 – 5:00 PM    $40


CHELSEA STUDIOS    151 W 26th St 6th Floor


You Got the Tango Bug and Danced for at least a Year – This is Your Class

  • Want a relaxing workshop like atmosphere and have two hours to really immerse yourself into the concepts of tango: this is your class
  • Work on braking down the concepts of Tango: Come on over
  • Have a partner and don’t want to switch partners in class: We will make it work
  • Want to find your own style of Tango : We can help you find the real you
  • Already danced tango for a while but want to brush up on Tango elements and your walk and improve you lead/ follow skills, your posture and reinforce your tango vocabulary : Perfect
  • Already danced for a while and want to dance the other role: Good thinking
  • always wanted to know how put the elements of tango into the flow of dancing: Lets see what we can come up with
  • Want to have fun and brake the rules of Tango and explore the possibilities: We can’t wait to see you


We will explore structure, technique, style, connection, musicality, variation, and improvisation. In this class you will focus on more intricate and technically complex variations .You will explore the technical aspects of the dance while being exposed to a variety of styles and techniques. You will be encouraged to strengthen your improvisational abilities and develop your technique and personal style. This class will focus on more advanced turns, sacadas, barridas, alterations (changes of directions) as well as ganchos and boleos and on-axis and off-axis figures (volcadas and colgadas), depending on the theme of the week. You will improve your skills in close embrace as well as open embrace.


Open Level Lunch Time Tango

WEDNESDAY, 12:30 - 1:30 PM


$25 - 1 hour class  Sign up online or cash at the door

28 West 25th Street, 2nd Floor