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 TANGO CLASS LEVELS  (Instructors reserve the right assign students to the appropriate level)




PRE-REQUISITE: None. No partner necessary. In this class you will learn the absolute basics of Argentine tango that will prepare you to step onto the dance floor and to progress to the next level of classes. You must take all four classes in this series (offered every month) to move on to Advanced Beginner series. Some students choose to take this class twice per week for extra reinforcement. This class will include inline as well as outside partner walking, 6 count resolution box, follower’s cruzada and front ochos.
Students generally stay in Beginner level for 2 months.*


Advanced Beginner 

PRE-REQUISITE: Two Month of Beginner Series. In this class you will learn and refine the steps that make up the fundamental structure of Argentine tango, along with basic variations. This class can be taken alone or in combination with Tango Fundamentals. Most students spend at least three or four months in this class before progressing to Pre-Intermediate. This class will include variations on how to lead front and back ochos,ocho cortados and media vueltas ( half turns) as well as including the theme of the month.


PRE-REQUISITE: Six months of dancing (or completion of 4 months of Advanced Beginner Series). In this class you will learn variations on the basic structure and delve more deeply into the theme of the month. You will be provided with the tools and support to find your own variations and improve your lead-follow connection and technique. Students often take this class for at least four months and may take it in conjunction with the Milonga class.This class will reinforce fundamentals of lead and follow and will include turns (giros and molinetes), concepts for basic sacadas and calesitas (on axis turns), paradas (stops) as well as basic ganchos and boleos, depending on the theme of the month.



PRE-REQUISITE: One year of Argentine tango (or the completion of 4 months of the Pre-Intermediate Series). In this class you will focus on the theme of the month and learn more intricate and technically complex variations in accordance with the theme. You will be encouraged to strengthen your improvisational abilities and develop your technique and personal style. Students often takes this class for six or more months. This class will focus on more advanced turns, sacadas, barridas, alterations (changes of directions) as well as ganchos and boleos and on-axis and off-axis figures (volcadas and colgadas), depending on the theme of the month. You will improve your skills in close embrace as well as open embrace.


PRE-REQUISITE: Two years of dancing Argentine tango. By instructor permission only. In this class you will explore structure, technique, style, connection, musicality, variation, and improvisation. You will explore the technical aspects of the dance while being exposed to a variety of styles and techniques. This allows you, at the advanced level, to further develop your personal style and improvisational skills while gaining a deeper understanding of the elements of Argentine tango.




TANGO VALS Cross & Ochos    Advanced Beginner

PRE-REQUISITE: 4 month of tango classes Costs and ochos are part of every dancer’s repertoire. This class will focus on understanding the rhythm of Vals and how to incorporate your existing steps into it, as well as finding combinations that fit nicely into Vals.

Deconstruct Tango (Advanced) COUPLES ONLY

PRE-REQUISITE: One year of Argentine tango (or the completion of 4 months of the Pre-Intermediate Series). This course is exactly as the title suggests. We have deconstructed tango and singled out the bare essential elements… the ones you will have to keep refining in order to improve your dance, at any level. This cycle of four classes is repeated every month from a fresh perspective.

Follower’s Technique and Embellishments (all levels) 

PRE-REQUISITE: Beginner Series. In this class you will learn technical aspects of the dance to help you improve your dancing as a follower at any level. In addition to fundamental following technique, posture and embellishments– how to do them, when to do them, and what decorations (adornos) and variations you can add to your dancing– will also be a focus of this class.

Tango Adagio (Intermediate/advanced) ◊

PRE-REQUISITE: Completion of Pre-Intermedite Series and Up, or One year of social Argentine Tango dancing. Slowing down is one of the great challenges of dance and an essential part of the tango. Not only can an exploration of ‘half time’ deepen the relaxation which is essential to our tango creativity, dancing in this manner can unlock another dimension of musicality and interpretation. Some of us may find that it is twice as difficult to dance half as fast. This class will provide both exercises and steps that will slow you down your dance and perhaps double the possibilities of your dancing.

Tango Bootcamp 1

(Adv. Beginner and above) 

PRE-REQUISITE: Two month of Beginner Series. No partner necessary. This Tango course has a syllabus that repeats every 1st Thursday of the month in a three-month cycle. All advanced beginner dancers should take Tango Bootcamp! Trust us, it’s for your own good.

Tango Bootcamp 2

(Pre-Intermediate and above) 

PRE-REQUISITE: Six months of dancing (or completion of 4 months of Advanced Beginner Series). Refine the basics, expand your tango vocabulary, lead & follow skills, and and navigation in a milonga.